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About Us

Welcome to Jayir – where cultures thrive, artisans are empowered, and sustainability blossoms. We’re not just a marketplace; we’re a movement dedicated to preserving indigenous heritage and supporting artisans. We are 100% Indigenous and woman-owned, reflecting our commitment to fostering genuine empowerment and cultural resilience.

Our Essence

At Jayir, we’re storytellers. Our platform connects artisans with the world, offering a canvas to showcase their products and narratives. Each creation carries the legacy of artistry, heritage, and dedication.

How We Ensure the Quality of Our Products

At Jayir, our dedication to product integrity is resolute. As we embark on this journey, we’re constructing a meticulous application process to ensure every product resonates with our values of equity, sustainability, and transparency.

As we curate our offerings, we’re actively designing a comprehensive application procedure. This will involve capturing intricate details about manufacturing, materials, labor conditions, fair trade considerations, and more. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of transparency for our forthcoming customers.

Our vision extends to validating sustainable sourcing, secure workplaces, and fair wages along the entire supply chain. We’re committed to offering genuine transparency about our ethically crafted goods, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that each piece is responsibly sourced and expertly fashioned with sustainable materials. At Jayir, we stand united in empowering indigenous communities and fostering livelihoods rooted in respect and fairness.

Our Values

Empowering Artisans, Sharing Stories

At Jayir, we're the custodians of stories. Our platform acts as a bridge, linking artisans to a global audience, a canvas where their products and narratives spring to life. Every creation bears a legacy of artistry, heritage, and unwavering dedication. Through each purchase, you help safeguard cultural narratives and livelihoods.

Sustaining Relationships

We foster enduring connections. Jayir nurtures equitable relationships with artisans, paving the way for income and shared stories. Our marketplace intertwines authenticity and culture, providing a haven for both.

Indigenous Wisdom, Sustainable Path

Our essence revolves around sustainability. We honour indigenous communities as stewards of sustainable practices. Every purchase contributes to a greener world, supporting artisans who embody nature's respect and preservation.

Fair Trade

Upholding international Fair Trade guidelines, we ensure products made outside India meet ethical labour standards. Makers and artisans earn fair wages while working in safe, healthy environments. Whenever possible, materials are locally sourced, and eco-friendly practices are embraced.

Made in India

We take pride in products crafted responsibly within India. Committed to responsible material sourcing, fair pay, safe work conditions, and sustainability, we showcase brands that uplift local craftsmanship and values.

Sustainable Materials

Embracing sustainability, our offerings feature products made from earth-friendly materials like GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, linen, and hemp. These conscious choices minimize environmental impact.

Recycled / Upcycled

Our selection includes ingeniously crafted items from discarded materials, reducing waste. From recycled plastics to upcycled bamboo sawdust, each piece champions resourcefulness.

Women Owned

We celebrate women-owned businesses, where at least 51% of the enterprise is led by women. Our commitment to diversity shines through these selections, fostering inclusivity and empowerment.

At Jayir, these values steer our curation, ensuring each product narrates a meaningful story while honouring people and the planet.

Indigenous Leadership: Pioneering Resurgence

At Jayir, our essence is woven with the threads of Indigenous leadership, guided by the inspiring vision of Mamta Kumduni Bara, a proud member of the Oraon Tribe. Mamta’s journey has been one of passion, resilience, and a profound commitment to her roots. Witnessing the gradual fading of Indigenous heritage, traditions, and languages deeply affected her. The rich tapestry of cultural treasures was slipping through the cracks of time, and young minds were losing touch with their own heritage. The absence of Indigenous representation in mainstream media was glaringly evident to Mamta. Native and tribal voices were rarely heard, and the stories that held the essence of communities were buried beneath the noise of modernity. Recognizing that art serves as a universal language, Mamta saw an opportunity to empower Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs through Jayir.

Inspired by the spirit of her community, she envisioned Jayir as a gateway to economic sustainability, a place where forgotten languages find a voice, where artisans’ creations carry the stories of generations, and where economic empowerment blooms hand in hand with cultural resurgence.

Join the Jayir Community and Drive Change

When you join the Jayir community, you become part of a diverse collective driven by shared values and the transformative power of art. We’re more than a marketplace; we’re a movement where every purchase shares a story.

Collaboration is our driving force. By highlighting genuine talent, often overshadowed by mainstream industries, we collectively rewrite the narrative. Together, we empower artists who truly matter, amplifying their voices and stories.

Discover unique products, connect with artisans, and make a difference – all while celebrating the beauty of indigenous cultures. Let’s journey to our roots and create a sustainable, culturally rich future.

Rooted in culture, growing with purpose – welcome to Jayir.

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